We are a family-based internet retail business with over 20 years experience in the adult industry.

We believe that sexual aides can provide a new and entirely positive source of pleasurable sensations for each partner, in making the jump from hurried, non-communicative sex to the more satisfying plateau of a fully sensual and understanding relationship.

Of course, we do not imply that these abilities and attitudes can’t be learned without sexual aides; rather, we believe sexual aides can reduce the pressure for individual performance. And when partners are more relaxed, they can take time to enjoy and appreciate each other in different ways: watching, feeling and most importantly experiencing each other with understanding.

In our experience, the use of sexual aides does not inhibit the pleasure derived from intercourse. In fact, a number of psychologists and counselors have been recommending sexual aides for their clients troubled with erection dysfunction, lack of satisfying orgasm, or just plain boredom within a relationship for years. We make NO medical or health claims for ANY of our products.

Also the customer service is of utmost importance to us because we believe the most important aspect of satisfaction is trust. There is thoughtful consideration going into each of our products with all those important elements of quality, value and sensual appeal.

Our greatest joy in business also comes from when we hear back from a happy customer. Someone once told us “You’ll never hear from the happy ones, but only the angry ones.” But we haven’t found that to be true at all. Could it be that our customers are different from those shopping in other stores? We know it’s not but because our customers experience a satisfaction at SECRETCAVES.COM that’s unlike shopping anywhere else.

So come and get to know us! ^O^